HABARI Imagevideo

This image clip was designed to run in a showcase on the “Mariahilferstra├če” at the beginning of the “Theobaldgasse” in loops. Our task was to draw attention of the passing pedestrian to the screen by using a lot of motion combined with vivid colors. We used the KESSLER Cine drive system to create moving stop motion effects, while presenting the most important products of our client HABARI. Another task was to guide the viewer from the location of the showcase to the shop, and to point out that it only takes a few steps in reality. This was quite challanging to do without messing up the stye of the video, but it worked out fine at last. Decide yourself watching the End of the video before it completes the loop again if we reached the goal of provideing this information in a cretive way…

Concept (alphabetical order): Lucas Riklin, Peter Maler, Sebastian Datzreiter
Director: Sebastian Datzreiter
Head of Production: Lucas Riklin
DOP: Peter Maler
Gaffer: Bernhard Somera
Best girl: Anna Werzowa

Editing: Sebastian Datzreiter
Compositing/Color Correction: Peter Maler
Music: Michael Hammerstiel